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William (Bill) Jefferies  

Bill was born in Bedford on 19th October 1928 - son of Minnie and Thomas Jefferies and had a Brother, Daniel who was 10 years older.   When he was young his family moved to Lancaster to be nearer other family members and at 16 he joined the army, with The King’s Own Regiment (Lancaster).

His service was around the UK and Europe and was quickly recruited into the regimental band to play Bass (Tuba),marching at many ceremonial and sporting events, which led to his lifelong love of military band music.  He continued to play his Bass in various bands until he could no longer carry it - which was well into his 80’s. 

Whilst in the army he learned to drive just about everything including motorbikes, military trucks and tanks. He was stationed in Egypt as an NCO with the Royal Tank Regiment and he retained a longstanding membership of the Royal Tank Regiment Association.  After being demobilised from the army in 1952, Bill lived in Luton with his brother and found work as a bus driver – this was after spending just one day training and taking a test driving a gearless Crossley double decker bus!

In 1953, Bill returned to Lancaster and joined Ribble Motor Services where he started as a driver, moving to Kendal as an Inspector.  After 40 years of service, he finally retired at Preston where he was a Senior Traffic Inspector with Ribble/Stagecoach. He was often involved with the training of management apprentices, another side of the job he really enjoyed and where he could pass on his extensive knowledge of his own life on the road.  He never did hand in his Traffic Warrant – No T229, which he received on his first day with Ribble Motors. 

Bill made many strong working friendships over his lifetime. He was for many years Chairman and Secretary of IOTA Lancashire Centre and served for many years on National Committees, he continued to be involved with the Institute even after he had retired and was honoured to be invited to become a Fellow of the Institute of Transport Administration for his years of commitment.

Bill met Alice, his wife, in Penwortham where they were neighbours and they married in 1983.  Alice was a registered nurse, she shared in Bill’s love of Boxer dogs.  The Preston Concert Band, where Bill continued to play Bass and Alice kept the music library, was also a huge part of their lives.  They also had a love of motorbikes and travelled together on a road trip through France and Germany!  Bill loved repairing old vehicles and motorbikes in particular and was a member of the local Matchless Motorcycle Owners Club who were present at his funeral to escort him on his final journey. 

When Alice sadly died four years ago, Bill took up a the hobby of model railways, joined Leyland Model Railway Club and built up a substantial model layout.  He was still largely independent and remained in his home, continuing to drive until the age of 91.

In December 2019 he was admitted to hospital for treatment on his hip and recovery from a virus.  He unfortunately tested positive for Covid 19 and was isolated in hospital before being evacuated to a Care Home where he received excellent care. 

Bill was a huge character, he will be remembered as a conscientious, hardworking, extremely loyal and independent man with a wicked sense of humour.  He learned from an early age how to be self-reliant and to make the best of everything.

He will be greatly missed . . .



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Geoff Fletcher   

Ultimately becoming a Chartered Shipbroker, Geoff Fletcher was born in Middlesbrough on 24 September 1941, during a period when the town - the first British town and industrial target to be bombed in the Second World War - was being regularly attacked.

After leaving Hugh Bell Grammar School (one of Middlesbrough's most prominent landmarks, a now-demolished grand Victorian building) he entered the world of maritime transport when he joined Constantine Co. (now Constantine Group) and BISC (Ore) Ltd in the town as a Shipping Clerk in 1958.

Promotions followed and after the 1967 nationalisation of the steel industry he became Assistant Distribution Manager at British Steel Corporation (BSC),at itsn its London Head Office.

Promotions to Operations Co-ordinator Shipping (1972) then Ship Scheduling Controller, followed. In 1976 he moved north to become General Manager of two shipping agencies on the Humber (Immingham and Grimsby).

In 1979 he returned to the north-east as General Manager of Teesside Warehousing Co. Ltd, Stockton, a shipping, haulage and warehousing operation, a post he held for almost the next 20 years, after when he became a self-employed Transport Consultant until retirement.

He joined IoTA when working in London, becaming a Fellow in 1988. From 1977 he was a committee member of the Lincoln & South Humberside Centre.

Coinciding with his move back to his home area, he joined the North East Centre committee and was elected Social Secretary, a role he had previously held in Humberside. Appointed Centre Vice-Chairman in 1981, he progressed to Centre Chairman for the 1982-1983 office period.

He was also on the National Council, initially as Chair of the External Affairs Committee, then National Vice-Chairman and finally a Trustee.

He was also active in the Institute of Chartered Shipbrokers, which he entered in 1965 by examination after five years of study. Elected a Fellow in 1998 he was also Chair of its North East Branch.

A member of the Institute of Logistics from 1993, and a Fellow of the Institute of Freight Forwarders from 1997, he was also a President of the Cleveland Scientific Institution.

Outside of his professional life, he was a talented watercolour/acrylic artist, specialising in industrial art (power stations, steelworks, chemical plants, bridges etc),landmarks (such as Giant’s Causeway, Bamburgh Castle and Roseberry Topping) and abstract art.

He combined this with golf, fishing, music, local history, genealogy, cruises and caravanning in the UK and Europe.

IoTA was always very close to Geoff’s heart and he valued the long friendships he made over many years and along with his wife Eileen, who survives him, they had very special memories of the many National Conferences they attended.

Remembered with great fondness by all who knew him, he died on 28 September 2019, four days after his 78th birthday.


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The Tribute from the Funeral Service 


Josea had a varied and interesting life. Born in London in 1935 when her Mother was manageress for Lawleys of London. At the outbreak of war, she was sent to live in Bath with her Granny, avoiding the bombing.

She survived the Bath blitzes even though houses in her street were bombed, losing several of her school friends who died in an air raid shelter and witnessed the local church being burnt out.        

After the war her Mother joined her in the Bath area and they were living in Nissen huts.  Josea used to help a local farmer with his cattle and managed to buy her first horse, a Suffolk Punch cross, “Laddie” which she was often seen riding in the Bath area. 

During this period, she met and married her first husband Tom who was employed as a “Ganger” in the local building trade. When his work took him to Membury air field Josea followed him taking all their possessions on a horse and cart pulled by Laddie and lived in a caravan by the airport fence.

When the Membury contract finished they moved on to Aldermaston to work on building the AWE, renting a field opposite to put the caravan. She gave birth to 3 Children Jan, Vourn and Kevin as well as raising Tom’s 2 children from a previous marriage Keith and Michael.

She met David when the Circus came to Aldermaston for winter quarters, both marriages broke up and Josea began to look after David’s children as at that time he was with a team of lorry drivers receiving night trunk lorries from Middlesbrough and delivering steel and concrete throughout the South of England, then reloading the trailers for their journey north the next night. She helped him in shunting and reversing 40 and 50 foot trailers into various loading bays at Reeds Paper Mill Thatcham using a very old Scammel tractor unit.

David and Josea kept the circus tradition alive by putting on a “Mini” Circus for Various departments of Cadburys at Christmas, David as “PONGO” The clown and Josea with a novelty dog act Olivia’s Jewels.

When David was appointed Transport Manager for Cooks of Reading a firm specialising in transporting livestock internationally, Josea was called in to help with the animals eventually delivering the livestock throughout Europe.

Cooks were taken over by Tayrock and Josea continued to drive pedigree livestock on the continent in addition to large containers of plastic bottles. She was among the first females to obtain an HGV licence a rarity at the time. Using a CB radio, she was known as Juggernaut Granny.

She married David and helped raise his 4 children Carla, John, Peter and Netta, meal times could be hectic on the farm!!  She followed David to E.B.Povey and Son where she was involved in the distribution of a lot of Faberge products as well as continuing with the livestock work.

Josea moved all the Circus vehicles to the fields by the A.W.R.E and renamed it “Circus Farm”, at about this time she bought a lorry and obtained an operator’s licence

The last 18 years of her driving career and with David’s help plus a second lorry they delivered handmade furniture for a Reading company all over the UK.

During this time, she purchased a pedigree Limousin bull followed by Limousin cows to form the Aldermaston Herd of Limousin Cattle. She was well known in the Tadley area for leading this large bull “Roy” on a flimsy lead to neighbouring farms.

As the hard work and age took its toll, she changed from the larger Limousin to the much smaller Dexter breed. At the millennium she finally retired selling the lorries and rehoming the cattle but retaining a couple of horses that she rode on occasion.

Still staying with animals, she took to breeding and showing White German Shepherds as well as an interest in Heritage Railways

Josea was awarded a Fellowship of the Institute of Transport Administration and is a Life Member of the Road Haulage Association (RHA) British Limousin Association, The Dexter Society, The British Horse Society and The Watercress Line and an Active Member of TADS Tadley and District History Society attending meetings on a regular basis as well as The British Polio Federation.