Basic Requirements

Transport Law – ‘the basics’  . . . page under construction


“The Seven Deadly Sins”

It is in the title. Should any Operator or Transport Manager commit any one or more of these ‘Deadly Sins’ then their repute is on the line.

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“Driving Entitlement”

It is an offence to drive, or cause or permit another person to drive, a vehicle on a road without a licence for that category of vehicle. It is also possible that the vehicle insurance may become invalid. . . . . . . . . . .do you know the rules?
Page One of three: Driving Entitlement 1 of 3 – 2017
Page two of three: Driving Entitlement 2 of 3 – 2017
Page three of three: Driving Entitlement 3 of 3 – 2017


“Driver Hours”


Not only the most serious of infringements should a Driver ignore these rules, (whether knowingly or otherwise), these rules are designed to not only protect the wellbeing of the driver, but also the public. . .


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“Working Time Regulations”


According to DVSA’s guidance, the ‘Working Time Rules’ that apply to a driver depend on whether a vehicle is in scope of the EU or GB domestic drivers’ hours rules. . . . .


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“Tachographs – the Rules”

Not having a tacho. . .

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“Tachograph Records”


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 “Drivers’ Daily Walkaround Checks”


Driving without a valid roadworthiness certificate:..A responsible person must undertake a daily ‘walkaround’ check before a vehicle is used – notwithstanding that each driver must also carry out their own walkaround checks before they first drive the vehicle ….. the checks should cover the external condition, ensuring that the Lights, Tyres, Wheel fixings, Bodywork, Trailer coupling, Load and Ancillary equipment are serviceable……

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“10 Simple Mistakes”



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Transporting Dangerous Goods that are. . . .

Transporting dangerous goods

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“The Driver Qualification Card”


Driving with a driver card that has been falsified, or with. . .  .
The Driver’s Certificate of Professional Competence – commonly known as Driver CPC

Will Brexit effect? – Regretfully no; not according to a DfT spokesman who has made it very clear that the requirement is here to stay and, as a driver of any commercial vehicle of over 3.5T it will remain the driver’s responsibility to ensure that they continue meet the basic requirements of this legislation.

Drivers engaged as drivers of large goods (LGV) over 3.5T and passenger carrying vehicles (PCV) with 9 or more passenger seats used commercially, must carry a Driver Qualification Card (DQC). Any driver who drives commercially without a DQC can expect severe financial penalties as can the operator that permits that driver to drive their vehicles. . . .


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“Drivers’ Medical Requirements”



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“Driver Conduct Hearings”



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“Business Entities”


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“Vehicle Loading/Safe Loading”


Carrying goods exceeding the maximum permissible laden mass by . . . .

The Road Vehicles (Construction & Use) Regulations 1986 state that “…the weight, distribution, packing and adjustment of loads of such vehicle or trailer shall at all times be such, that no danger is caused or likely to be caused to any person on or on the vehicle or trailer or on a road…”


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“Public Inquiries”





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