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IoTA (‘the Institute’) is a membership organisation dedicated to promoting professionalism in transport.

For as little as £25.00 per year *, our members are able to find solutions when they need them, and or share, a common interest when they don’t – while enjoying recognised status as a member of a professional body. 

Founded in 1944, the Institute retains its original objectives and purpose by the creation and design of up to date training and best practice schemes to facilitate the educational needs of the modern Transport Manager and or Operator. 

It is through a membership, representing all modes of transport that, the Institute are able to continually offer management solutions in response to the day to day needs of the Transport Industry. 

To learn more, become a member, or a DCPC Training provider: please contact us, or follow the links:

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* – Subscription rates will vary, according to the membership grade offered

Priority Announcement/s


Secure your Vehicle to help stop illegal immigration.

The Home Office and Border Force have published important guidance to help drivers secure their vehicles to help stop illegal immigration. Learn more..

As a Commissioner slams useless ‘old school’ transport managers, the Institute offers solutions!

Transport Managers Update Training (TMU) and Operator Licence Awareness Training (OLAT) courses are now being arranged across the UK – see News and Events for details . . . . . . Prevention is better than cure!


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