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The Institute welcomes applications for membership from those interested in a career – or who wish to continue their development – in the transport industry. Membership grades are allocated according to each applicant’s qualifications, experience, responsibilities and achievements in the industry.

Membership is drawn from all spheres and levels of those employed in the industry from the most junior to the most senior. The Institute’s membership include operators from all transport modes including: drivers of large goods vehicles, passenger service vehicles and trains, junior administrators, transport management, airline pilots, ship's master, freight forwarders, Chief Executive Officers, training providers, university lecturers, lawyers, transport journalists and authors.

Benefits of membership

Being a Member of the Institute offers a wide range of services and benefits that not only support each member, but also those firms they either work for, or own.. .  Membership will give you:

  • Instant Professional Recognition;
    • via the award of official certification identifying your professional status
  • Support in Career Advancement;
    • via free enrolment onto the Institute’s CPD programme
  • Links to Expert Advice, guidance and essential services
  • The opportunity to express opinions with a view to influencing policy on transport related issues;
  • A vast Network of Training and Professional Resources including Transport Manager Refresher, Operator Licence Awareness and Driver CPC Training 
  • Instant access to membership discounts:
    • from not only Institute training providers and consultants, but associated bodies
  • Educational and informative meetings, social and networking events;
  • Member Skills Sharing Scheme – a scheme designed to encourage our members to advertise individual skills and location – see ‘Service Providers’ sections on both our website and the Institute’s Journal.Have you or any business or operation you are currently involved in, or have been involved with in the past, had any adverse action taken against you, the business, the operation, at a legal hearing through the Court System or by the Traffic Commissioner?

Subscription Grades

The status of grades awarded by IoTA to its membership relate to the applicant’s qualifications and consider experience, achievements and responsibilities within the industry, where the member can then have the benefits of using the experienced management skills of his peers within IoTA.

A member’s grade is determined, assessed and awarded by the membership, which, once awarded, permits the member to use letters after their name as a sign of their commitment to the highest standards of professional integrity within the transport industry.

Corporate Grades:

Fellow (FlnstTA)
Election to Fellow of the Institute may be granted to persons of special distinction, or eminence, who are not less than 30 years of age and who have held positions of high responsibility to the industry or have given distinguished services to the Institute.

Member (MInstTA)
Election as Member of the Institute may be granted to persons who have been Associate Member for not less than five years, or who have passed such advanced examinations in Transport Administration as the Council may approve and / or who have given such further proof as the Council may require of their fitness to hold positions of high administrative responsibility.

Associate Member (AMInstTA) 
Election as Associate Member of the Institute may be granted to persons who have passed such examinations as may be approved by the Council and / or who have had transport experience on a scale considered by the Council to be adequate for not less than two years or who have given such distinguished service to the Institute which would warrant the grade of Associate Member.

Non-Corporate Grades:

Associate (AInstTA) 
Election as Associate of the Institute may be granted to persons who are engaged within the transport sector/industry, whose proven ability, expertise, and responsibilities exceed the requirements of Student grade, but do not reach the required standard for Associate Membership, or persons who are engaged in occupations not involving transport administration at the time of admission to membership but which are ancillary to the Transport Industry.

Student (StInstTA)
The Council is empowered to admit as Student, persons who are above the age of 16 and who are registered on a recognised training scheme or schemes.

Honorary Members
The Council is empowered to admit Honorary Members, and may determine the terms and conditions attached to admission

Subscription fees 2023

Associate Member£48.00£  96.00
Associate£30.00£  30.00
Student£30.00£  30.00
replacement certificate £50.00  


Retired industry professionals are offered preferential rates. Please contact head office.


  • The Institute is recognised by the Commissioners of Inland Revenue as an Educational Body. Members are, accordingly, allowed Income Tax relief against the annual subscriptions.

This concession, does not apply to unemployed or retired members.

Membership Application Form

Please click the following link to download a membership application form: IoTA Membership Application Form   Or you can use the on-line version here

(include any qualification certificates and training certificates with your membership application)