Institute of Transport Administration

Educating Transport Management since 1944


The Institute of Transport Administration (the Institute) is a registered Friendly Society regulated by the Financial Services Authority whose objectives are defined as: “For the purpose of promoting education pursuant to the special authority of 10th June 1967. Given under section (7) of the Friendly Societies Act, 1974.)”

It is a professional membership organisation representing individuals from companies within all spheres of the transport industry in both the United Kingdom and overseas. It supports and encourages efficient transport best practice and is committed to the growth and development of its members through sharing specialist knowledge and the provision and promotion of educational programmes.

History, Aims and Objectives

Founded in 1944, as the Institute of Traffic Administration, it was established for the purpose of promoting education to serve the emerging requirement for transport administrators. By retaining retired members in addition to its active membership it has successfully maintained a history of meeting the needs of its members by continually observing its aims and objectives, which include:

  • Broadening and improving the knowledge, skills and experience of its members in the practice of efficient and effective transport management, relating to all spheres of transportation including road, rail, sea and air;
  • Drawing its membership from individuals working or associated with transport and logistics;
  • Maintaining and enhancing the professional standing and knowledge of transport management through its training programmes and meetings;
  • Providing considered professional opinion on current and proposed transport legislation and policies;
  • Protecting its integrity as a professional body recognised within the Road Traffic Act.

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