Institute of Transport Administration

The Old Studio,
25 Greenfield Road
Westoning, Beds MK45 5JD

t: 44 (0)1525 634940
m: 44 (0)7768 303588
e: director@iota.org.uk



The Institute of Transport Administration (the Institute) is a society registered under the Friendly Societies Act 1974 s. (18 & 19) Register No: 53SA, regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. It is registered as a ‘Non Profit Making Body’.

The Institute is a professional membership organisation where subscriptions paid are recognised by HMRC, under Section 344 ITEPA 2003 (formerly Section ICTA 1988),as a fully deductable tax allowable expense (UK Tax Payers). Deductions for fees and subscriptions paid to a ‘professional body’ and are zero rated for VAT purposes.

The Institute is registered for VAT (Registration Number: GB 631 7430 59).

The Institute is able to accept payments by way of Bank Transfer, Cheque, On-line Card Payment or over the phone using a Debit or Credit Card.  - The Institute does not accept Direct Debit instructions

By Bank Transfer:

Payment/s should be made payable to: 

  • Bank: HSBC
  • Account Name: Institute of Traffic Administration
  • Bank Code No: 40-42-21
  • Bank A/C No: 50476099
  • IBAN (International Bank Account Number) : GB26 HBUK 40422 15047 6099
  • BIC: (Branch Indentifier Code) HBUKGB4155V

Members are required to please quote their Membership number when arranging payment

By Cheque:

Cheques should be made payable to either IoTA, or The Institute of Transport Administration. (Members are required to please write their membership number upon the reverse of the cheque.) and sent it by post to " The Institute of Transport Administration, 25 Greenfield Road, Westoning, Bedfordshire. MK45 5JD"

On-line Card Payments:

Members (Debtors) wishing to use this facility should note that in order to do so, it will be necessary to initially register their intent by following the following link: www.iota.org.uk/pages/membership-form   

Payments by phone:

The Institute is able to accept most credit (Visa / MasterCard) and debit card payments by phone. We do not accept American Express.

Members (Debtors) wishing to use this facility should phone Head Office on: 01525 634 940 during normal opening hours which are Monday to Thursday (from ( 9 am to 6 pm) 

Accounting Policy

The Institute is committed to providing a quality service for its customers and members and working in an open and accountable way that builds the trust and respect of all our stakeholders.

It is the Institute’s policy to ensure that:

  • making a complaint is as easy as possible;
  • complaints are treated as a clear expression of dissatisfaction with our service requiring an immediate response;
  • complaints are dealt with it promptly, politely and, when appropriate, confidentially;
  • an appropriate response is communicated with an explanation and / or apology and information on any action taken etc;
  • complaints are utilised to put preventive actions in place to improve our service;
  • complaints are reviewed to ensure that policies and procedures are effective and appropriate;
  • Members and creditors are encouraged to report incidents where the Institute does not maintain an acceptable service level.