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The Institute Approach to professional development (CPD)

We are probably all aware of the meaning of the abbreviation CPD, or are we? Ask yourself what you think CPD looks like. Is it a one size fits all or it an individualised personal process? Is it structured or it is something that individuals can take ownership of?

CPD is not compulsory for continued membership; however within the institute we advocate that your personal individualisation and ownership of CPD is the key to you managing your CPD throughout your professional and indeed your personal life.

Whilst you need to take ownership of your personal journey through CPD you should allow a combination of influences, experiences, learning, development and personal growth needs to become a combination of factors that will assist you to manage your CPD.

Why do I need, or should I bother with CPD?

Whilst CPD is not compulsory for Institute members, CPD is taken into account when considerations are made for member upgrading. The fact that you are reading this article, amongst other things indicates that you are inquisitive, or you may wish to know more about CPD. The current business environment, especially the world of logistics and transport can be a frenetic place to be. The legislative influences are ever changing and comprise a significant feature within a successful business undertaking. Any relevant learning that helps improve a member’s performance and development should at least be considered.

However whilst legislation impacts significantly on the logistics and transport world, it is reasonable to say that it is not the majority driving influence of ensuring business viability and success.

However it is safe to say that the majority ‘driver’ for success is people. People just like you.

Wherever your career takes you both in terms of where you are now and where you want to be or achieve is largely down to you. CPD should also be largely down to you.

Reflective Learning  

Reflective practice is about having the capacity to reflect on experiences involving paying particular attention to values and theories that inform/involve some everyday actions.

So reflective learning could simply be reflecting on learning to facilitate a process of continuous learning. The outcome could be a powerful tool that enables you to learn from your own personal and professional experiences. Worth considering that some people in leadership positions improve their opportunities by engaging in active reflective learning.

Guide to forms of CPD

Trade Shows (Mode Specific)                                                                                  6 hours per annum
Relevant trade journals                                                                                              2 hours per annum
Local Institute presentations                                                                                  4 hours per annum
Other relevant courses                                                                                               1 day = 6 hours : 2 days 12 hours etc
DCPC                                                                                                                                     7 hours
Other trade representation / Institute national duties etc                    hours to be agreed on application

It is the responsibility of the individual to retain proof of the study undertaken as this could be audited and checked by outside bodies / authorities eg. DfT, DVSA

OK so what can I do? Is there, or what is the process?

There is no defined fixed or standardised process. However some CPD models do look similar as basic processes can be very close to being identical when producing the required outcomes.

The main process is the task of setting yourself personal development objectives and then managing and recording your progress towards individual goals of achieving them. It is about;

  • Where you are now.
  • Where you want or would like to be.
  • How you are planning to get there.
  • How you will know when you are there
  • Having got there, what next?

This approach is all about you and places the emphasis on your personal reflection and the outcomes from results of activities

CPD is not all about attending endless training courses or other such events. Whilst training and development sessions can be a useful benefit in relation to advancing your learning they should not be seen as the primary CPD influencer. The primary influencer is you.

To assist you to develop an active CPD mindset think about any personal learning experiences you have undertaken and evaluate the practical or tangible benefits of what you have learned.


  • What was the experience
  • What have I learned/gained
  • How will I use what I have learned/gained
  • What are the benefits to me
  • What can I do now that I could not do before

OK so far so good but do I need to keep a record and how do I do that?

It is strongly recommended that you do keep your personal skills and knowledge up to date and constantly seek out initiatives that will allow you to build on and improve/increase your current levels.

CPD will allow you to develop a platform where you can transfer any useful learning experiences into a practical record that you can reflect upon and share with others when and if required. This will help you to plan your CPD activities and become a measure of your progress.

It is recommended that you complete CPD as an ongoing activity whist reviewing activities every twelve months (annual cycle). You may also find that CPD records are beneficial for personal reflection and future planning. They can also be useful as a contribution to any appraisal process.

Each annual cycle should consist of at least 30 hours of learning.

Without record keeping you may discover difficulties in reflecting and reviewing your previous CPD experiences.

So how does this benefit me?

CPD is a personal investment made by you for the benefit of you. It is a method of linking personal theory into practice. You may find that you are able to use CPD as a measure of existing personal competency and a tool to plan the acquisition of additional competencies.

You may find personal confidence and professional credibility levels improve/increase. This could result in you being able to take on additional challenges including challenging yourself.

The concept of the Institute CPD is a self maintained programme which can be recorded by the Institute on receipt of a copy of a completed planned record at the end of each year.

Further details are available from the Director.

In summary personal CPD is yours to use for the benefit of you.

What next

To get started, complete the on-line registration form, which will be uploaded to your personal record for you to access, then start updating your development record.

We will be able to assist you in developing and managing your CPD.