Operator Licence Awareness Training (OLAT)

This course is delivered as a one day course aimed at Company Directors, Partners and Proprietors and provides an overview of Operator Licence requirements to re-affirm the undertakings given to the Traffic Commissioner when applying for an ‘O’ Licence.

The course may also be required to be undertaken following an instruction from a Traffic Commissioner. This is common when an Operator holding either a Standard or Restricted Operator License and has appeared at a Public Inquiry. The Institute course complies fully with the expectations of the Traffic Commissioners.

The Operator Licence Awareness Training (OLAT) course is designed to give the operator the ability to prevent future non-compliance, covering:
• Operator Licensing – Application; Conditions; Notifiable Changes; Legal Responsibilities
• Safe Loading of Vehicles – including Load Restraint, calculation of payload and safe load distribution
• Weights and Dimensions of Vehicles
• Drivers Hours – EU drivers hours and the Road Transport Working Time Directive; Drivers Hours Records for Analogue and Digital Tachographs; Working Time Directive for non-driving personnel; Planning Safe Overnight Parking
• Driver Licensing
• Speed Limits
• Planned Preventive Maintenance – including Drivers’ Defect Reporting; Enforcement
• Operational Security
• Operator Compliance Risk Scores (OCRS)

An abbreviated version of the OLAT course is also available as a 3.5 hour module (as part of the Institute matrix of training modules for Driver CPC) designed to inform drivers and junior staff of their role in Operator Licensing Compliance and the implications of non-compliance. – Please note that this 3.5 hour module is not acceptable to the Traffic Commissioners as an OLAT course

To find your local provider – please click on the ‘Services’ link at the top of this page

To find your local ‘OLAT’ provider; click on ‘Services‘  – at the top of this page


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