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6th Jun 2024

A vision for GB Type Approval

4th Jun 2024

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30th May 2024

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27th May 2024

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23rd May 2024

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A vision for GB Type Approval

4 Jun 2024

Mark Harper MP informed the House of Commons of his publishing a strategy setting out the approach to the future regulation of road vehicles.

Following our departure from the EU, we have the freedom to rethink the ‘type approval’ rules which apply to all cars, vans, motorcycles and other vehicles sold in the UK.

Whilst maintaining our high standards of safety and environmental protection, wherever possible we will reduce the administrative burden of demonstrating compliance with regulations.

We will build a framework based on 3 key principles:

  • use international standards wherever possible – making regulation cheaper to follow for importers and exporters
  • deregulate low risk areas and accept alternative national standards where international standards do not exist or aren’t suitable. If we don’t need to regulate, we won’t. If products can be proved safe in a comparable jurisdiction we won’t impose the cost of unnecessary re-testing
  • introduce UK-specific rules only where necessary, for example to introduce new technology more quickly, to simplify administrative requirements for industry or where we need to act for safety reasons

In the short term, we will implement these principles with a 3 year programme of reform to retained EU regulations. This will include options for future emission regulation and plans to introduce new safety technologies, such as automated lane keeping, and regulation to strengthen cyber security.

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