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14 May 2021



After the introduction of the ban on 10 year old tyres on the front steering axle of PSVs from 1 February 2021, DVSA has begun issuing advisories on some annual test (MOT) certificates

DVSA issue advisories for two reasons:


•            to tell the Operator that a component is close to becoming defective

•            to note that the item could not be assessed during the test


In relation to Tyres and advisory will be issued when the Vehicle Standards Assessor (VSA) was unable to gain access to read the 4 digit date code on the tyres, as part of a twin wheel set up on a PSV


DVSA stress that an advisory


•            has no impact on the roadworthiness status of the vehicle

•            has no affect on the Operator Compliance Risk Score (OCRS)

•            does not imply any deficiency in the Operators compliance management


DVSA intend that any advisory issued should encourage Operators to ensure that their Tyre Management system is effective and sufficient to ensure tyre age is documented

Section 5 of the Guide to Maintaining Roadworthiness contains information about Tyre Management


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