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Amendments to Driver CPC regulations

7 Jul 2020

Published on 30th June the response to a consultation on improvements to the Driver Certificate of Professional Competence (CPC).


Following your views we are making changes, which include:


•            allowing 12 out of the 35 hours to be e-learning

•            allowing training programmes that align with drivers work such as dangerous goods and    

              transport of passengers

•            allowing an exemption for drivers in some industries including agriculture, horticulture,

              forestry and farming

              continue to recognise Swiss Driver CPC


DVSA extends thanks for taking part in the consultation and letting them know what your thoughts about possible changes to Driver CPC.


Read the DVSA response and what participants told them about Driver CPC


What happens next?

Following publication of the response we will be amending the law to allow these changes to come in to force on 22 July 2020.


DVSA will update the guidance on GOV.UK and will provide an alert once this work is completed and the changes to driver CPC are implemented.


Further information: