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Changes to HGV and PSV Driving Tests and Training

20 Oct 2021

From 15th November 2021, pending parliamentary approval, changes will be introduced to the driving test for HGV and PSV vehicles.

When the first provisional licence is held it will be possible for HGV candidates to learn to drive and take a test in an articulated lorry (CE), missing out the rigid vehicle test stage.  The licence will allow the driving of rigid lorries and medium sized lorries with a trailer.

For PSV candidates the changes will allow the candidate to learn to drive and take a test in a bus or a coach with a trailer (DE).  Similarly to the HGV this will allow the holder of the licence to drive any size bus or coach and a minibus with a trailer.

If candidates already hold a provisional licence for heavy vehicles they will need to take steps to allow them to use the changes to the driving test rules.  Until the changes are implemented the current rules must be adhered to.

The initial driver CPC is set to change also with part 3 being split into ‘A’ and ‘B’.

Part A – off road exercises test which includes the reverse into a bay, and uncoupling and recoupling procedure.  Trainers will not be allowed to test candidates themselves, it will have to be another trainer.

Part A must be passed before part B is taken.

Part B – on road driving test. Includes the safety questions (show me, tell me) and the practical driving test.

DVSA will continue to provide this part of the test.

Test time will reduce as the off road exercises will have already been undertaken.

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