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Changes to Red Diesel Use

14 Mar 2022

From April 1st 2022 the use of duty rebated fuel, red diesel, will no longer be available to many businesses.  HMRC has announced changes to the rules on red diesel usage to promote energy efficiency and meet carbon reduction and air quality targets.

Red diesel will only be usable for certain purposes in agriculture, horticulture, fish farming and forestry.

If you will no longer be permitted to use red diesel HMRC have advised that you plan to use up surplus stock by the 1st April 2022.  You may only use up rebated fuel after this date if the fuel was legally put into the vehicle or machine before 1st April, but you must not plan to stockpile and only order the amount of fuel you expect to use by that date.

For any surplus fuel in storage tanks after 21st March 2022 HMRC advise:

  • That you sell or give it to someone who is allowed to use it.
  • Sell or give it to a Registered Dealer in Controlled Oil (RDCO)
  • Dispose of it via an approved waste oil recycling or disposal company
  • Records will need to be kept to evidence how and when the fuel was disposed of or sold. 
  • You can sell or dispose of the surplus fuel without needing to be approved by HMRC as an RDCO.
  • If you have a large volume of rebated diesel already in reserve and are concerned that you will not be able to use or dispose of it before the 1st April 2022 you should contact

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