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Consensus on skills management in driving transport talent

28 Jun 2021

Consensus on skills management in driving transport talent


Leading industry figures have echoed the importance of proactive talent management in addressing skills gaps in road transport firms in both freight logistics and passenger mobility.


Under the theme of “Driving Talent with Data”, the IRU RoadMasters Forum has looked at the chronic issue of driver shortages from a transport operator perspective, how data can help drive talent management, and some of the tools available for driver skills profiling.  


With driver shortages expected to soar this year, transport operators and shippers in many markets cite skills gaps as the leading cause. Shortages are leading to increasing costs, operational difficulties and an inability to satisfy customer demand for many operators. 


A wide range of speakers brought insights to the topical debate at the virtual Forum, with key takeaways including a move to skills profiling across the industry, the need to define a skills taxonomy, and that traditional one-size-fits-all classroom delivery is sub-optimal and seen as outdated.


IRU has developed the RoadMasters programme, a solution to help firms hire, develop and reward commercial drivers with measurement tools. The skill profiles lay out the international standard for knowledge and skills required for different driver jobs, and the assessment solution quantifies driver skills against these profiles with easy to use visual analytics. 


More than 300 participants from over 65 countries signed up for the RoadMasters Forum, attesting to the importance of skills management as a growing issue for road transport operators worldwide, especially in managing driver recruitment and retention.


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