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4 Mar 2020

Whether you drive a lorry or a coach, it's vital that you know what checks you need to carry out inside and outside of the vehicle. Failing to do thorough checks could result in unsafe vehicles being driven on public roads.


Below are just some of the things that need to be checked.


Inside the vehicle, checks include

•            mirrors and glass

•            wipers and washers

•            front view

•            warning lights and gauges

•            steering

•            horn

•            height marker

•            seat belts


Outside the vehicle, checks include

•            lights and indicators

•            fuel and oil

•            AdBlue

•            exhaust smoke

•            body and wings

•            tyres and wheel fixings

•            electrical connections

•            security of load


Always remember to record and report your findings. It's of no use to carry out the checks and then do nothing with the information they give you.


GOV.UK you can find extremely helpful:

Printing off the full HGV check list or the PSV diagram provided in the guidance, and placing it in an appropriate place, could serve as a good reminder of anything that has potential to be missed.

You can also watch a video on walkaround checks and find information on how to record defects using the correct forms.   This HGV defect report form is available for you to use, should you need to.