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Do you drive your van internationally? DVSA want to hear from you

6 Aug 2021

Department for Transport recently announced the introduction of new licensing requirements for some light vehicles used to carry goods on a commercial basis internationally that will apply from May 2022.


The changes are required as part of the UK-EU Trade and Cooperation Agreement. 

They’ll be issuing operator licences and will be enforcing these new rules on non-UK vehicles using the UK road network when they are introduced.


DVSA want to make it as easy as possible for you to get what you need to comply with the new requirements when you travel abroad.


Welcoming your views

DVSA would like to understand how to design our services and application systems to best suit your needs. Plus, we would like to know more about you and receive your views on the information that we provide to our customers on a range of topics.


How you can help 

If you volunteer to help us, we may contact you to give feedback in different ways.

There will be opportunities to take part in 45-minute research sessions in August and/or October 2021.


If you are not able to take part in either of these sessions, but would still like to help in other ways, please let us know so that we can contact you in the future.


You can also invite other people from your organisation to participate.


All feedback will be treated anonymously and will not be linked to you or your business unless you grant permission otherwise. You can also change your mind about participating at any time.

If you would like to take part, please contact Nichole.Browne@dvsa.gov.uk and state that you wish to be involved in van research.