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Driving Licence Renewals - DVLA acknowledgement of renewal applications

6 May 2020

The DVLA have started to trial a process whereby they will acknowledge receipt of Vocational Driving licence applications.


It is important that full contact details have been provided within the licence renewal application.

Contact to confirm the renewal application will be by email, and this is the preferred method, it is the first choice.  If there is not an email address available the contact will be by text message, with the final method being by letter if there are no other contact details provided. 


Section 88 of The Road Traffic Act 1988 can allow a driver to continue driving even though their licence has expired.


There are conditions in place for a driver to meet in order to use the dispensation, the most important is that:

  • The renewal form was received by DVLA
  • The driver would not be refused a driving licence for medical reasons
  • The previous licence was not revoked or refused for medical reasons
  • The driver is not currently disqualified from driving by a court
  • The licence has not been suspended or revoked by a Traffic Commissioner

If the conditions stated above are met, as soon as the driver has received confirmation from DVLA that the application has been received they will be able to driver under Section 88.


The DVLA document explaining how a driver can continue to drive whilst their application is being processed can be found on the link below.


DVLA information in leaflet INF188/6 is here: