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DVLA and HMCTS digitise paper-based prosecutions

13 Nov 2020

DVLA report they have worked closely with HM Courts & Tribunal Service (HMCTS to create a link, through an API, to the Common Platform system. The Common Platform gives access to relevant case information digitally to HMCTS, prosecutors, and wider participants in the criminal case management process. This has resulted in paper-based prosecution process being revolutionised.


This is a key part of HMCTS’ £1 billion reform of courts work to bring new technology and modern ways of working to the way justice is run. It also aligns with our aim to use the data held to develop high quality-services with other parts of government, where this is appropriate.


A reminder is sent, to the registered keepers address on DVLA records, when vehicle tax is due. This includes all the information needed to tax online in minutes. If a vehicle is not taxed, you could be issued with a late licensing penalty, the vehicle could be clamped or impounded, or the case referred to court or a debt collection agency.


For cases referred to court, digitising the process means time is no longer required to be spent on creating paper-based cases and HMCTS do not need to create the case on their systems. DVLA prosecute vehicle keepers whose vehicles aren’t taxed, those using or parking a vehicle on the road when it’s been declared as off the road (a SORN), or are uninsured. This extra time gained means that more cases can be dealt with through the single justice procedure run by HMCTS.


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