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DVSA vehicle and parts and environmental safety testing reports 2019

5 Jan 2023

DVSA Vehicle Market Surveillance Unit 2019 programme test results

The DVSA have issued a report setting out the findings of their market surveillance unit, which inspects vehicles, trailers and equipment making sure safety and environmental standards are met.

This report sets out the findings of vehicle and component testing during 2019 and includes reports for HGVs DAF LF, Iveco Eurocargo and Mercedes Benz Actros and PSVs Mercedes Benz Citaro, Optare Solo, Volvo Sunsundegui. All of which are interesting reading.

You can also download the unprocessed raw data for all of the tests carried out.  There is an annex that explains some of the emissions reduction technologies mentioned in the report.

DVSA aims to check a representative selection of the most popular vehicle types used on UK roads, based on their UK sales with other vehicles added in to make sure a wide range of manufacturers were included. In 2019, we carried out tests on:

  • diesel cars
  • petrol cars
  • light duty vans
  • heavy goods vehicles (HGVs)
  • public service vehicles (PSVs)

DVSA sourced vehicles from hire fleets or bus operators.  The vehicles were not provided by manufacturers and they could not prepare or modify the vehicles before they were tested.

Vehicles were tested to make sure they conformed to European emission standards:

  • Euro 6 for light duty vehicles
  • Euro VI for heavy duty vehicles

The types of tests DVSA carried out depended on:

  • the type of vehicle
  • whether the vehicle was New European Drive Cycle (NEDC) approved or Worldwide Harmonised Light Vehicle Test Procedure (WLTP) approved

For HGVs and PSVs, DVSA carried out an on-road test using Portable Emissions Measuring System (PEMS) equipment.  The test involves driving the vehicle for around 2 and a half hours over a test route on public roads. The route included urban, rural and motorway driving and tests were carried out during the day in normal traffic conditions.

Before carrying out the tests the vehicles:

  • were checked for any defects that could affect the emissions control system
  • had their fuel drained and replaced with standard reference fuel

For cars and light vans, DVSA carried out cold and hot laboratory tests, on-road and track tests.

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