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EU strikes provisional deal over Euro 7 emissions limits

3 Jan 2024

The EU Council and the European Parliament have reached a provisional agreement supporting Euro 7 emissions limits, which are less stringent than those first suggested.

Under the latest proposals, the emissions limits and test conditions for cars and vans will be carried over from Euro 6.

Earlier proposals saw the same limits carried over for only petrol cars, while diesels faces stricter targets. Following a pushback from eight EU countries - who stated the changes could affect investments in new zero-emission powertrain technologies - the revised proposals were backed by the EU Council.

Limits for heavy-duty vehicles will be lowered and test conditions slightly adjusted with more stringent limits for various pollutants, including for pollutants that were not regulated in Euro VI, such as nitrous oxide (N2O).

The proposal replaces and simplifies previously separate emission rules for cars and vans (Euro 6) and lorries and buses (Euro VI).

Limits for particulate emissions from brakes and tyres will be set at 3mg/km in the standard driving cycle for pure electric vehicles and 7mg/km for all the rest of powertrains. Specific limits for heavy vans are included in the agreement, namely 5mg/km for pure electric vehicles and 11mg/km for other powertrains.

The deal foresees different dates of application after the regulation enters into force:

  • 30 months for new types of cars and vans, and 42 months for new vehicles
  • 48 months for new types of buses, trucks and trailers, and 60 months for new vehicles
  • 30 months for new systems, components, or separate technical units to be fitted in cars and vans, and 48 months for those to be fitted in buses, trucks, and trailers.

The provisional agreement reached with the European Parliament now needs to be endorsed and formally adopted by both institutions.

Source: Fleet News