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Extension for London ULEZ

30 May 2022

Mayor for London’s plan to extend ULEZ

A consultation has been launched for London Mayor, Sadiq Khan’s proposal to extend the ULEZ zone from the North and South Circular roads to the whole of Greater London as part of his ‘war on poisonous air’ from the end of August 2023.

The mayors office estimates 135,000 additional vehicles will be affected daily if the proposal goes ahead.

The ULEZ in central London, the world’s first ultra low emission zone, has reduced air pollution by almost half the Mayor said.  As someone who developed asthma later in life due to poor air quality the decision to tackle pollution and climate change is also a personal one.

There are 500,000 suffering from asthma with the potential for a similar number to develop problems from poor air quality over the next 30 years. That’s without the costs to the NHS and social care of over £10bn if not further action is taken.

Source: Independent