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Get an annual test in February or March for peace of mind DVSA Advise

10 Feb 2021

Last year, DVSA issued exemptions to help you stay on the road.

They also used them to help ATFs manage the vehicles and trailers coming in for test.

This means testing looks a bit different in 2021 than it would in a normal year.


More demand in some months

DVSA have been talking to ATFs and operators about this – and looking at the demand for testing over the coming months. Some months will be busier than usual.

April is the first month predicted to have a higher number of tests compared to a regular testing year.


Other months will be quieter

In February and March, they’re seeing a lower number of tests due to expire than normal.

So ATFs will have more tests available in those months.

Could you get an earlier test?


Through their previous messages, DVSA worked with you and ATFs to minimise the number of vehicles coming in early, so they could guarantee tests for those who needed them.

They are relaxing this now because they’ve got a better idea about the tests due in each month.

That’s why they are encouraging you and ATFs to consider rescheduling some tests into February or March, when ATFs will be quieter.

Spreading tests to quieter months helps everyone this year – and in the future.


•            You get peace of mind

•            ATFs can manage the demand

•            DVSA can get the right levels of staff to ATFs


Check ATF availability

Find out if your local ATF or nearby sites have test availability.  Use the Find a test centre for a HGV, bus or trailer MOT on GOV.UK to check availability today.