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HGV and PSV Inspection Manuals revised - release expected 6 January 2021

23 Dec 2020

PSV and HGV INSPECTION MANUALS  - update due start 2021


Following a review of the HGV and PSV Inspection Manuals and changes in legislation regarding tyres, the DVSA advise that the manuals have been updated.  The revised versions will be available to view and to download from 6th January 2021, and will come into effect on 1st February 2021.


Main Changes to Manuals

Tyres – with additional checks on tyre age and markings introduced to comply with the changes in legislation. All vehicles and trailers will now have tyre age markings checked on at annual test and during prohibition clearances. Tyres identified as being over 10 years of age fitted to vehicles on the applicable axles will fail to meet annual test standards and will incur a prohibition.  For all other axles where a tyre is identified to be over 10 years of age an advisory must be issued.


The Brakes Section is updated to cover cracked and fractured brake discs and insecure brake callipers.


The Emissions Section identifies changes to how the emissions plate value for pre-2008 vehicles is used.  If the vehicle fails the emission test, then the average opacity reading recorded on the printout must be assessed against the manufacturers plate value and the test result overruled if necessary.


As soon as DVSA provide details on other changes these will be relayed also.