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Host vocational driving tests at your own site

3 Apr 2020

Apply for your site to be approved to host lorry, car and trailer or Driver Certificate of Professional Competence (CPC) part 4 tests.


Get approval for your site

You have to apply to the Driver and Vehicle Standard Agency (DVSA) to get your site approved. It must meet certain rules to be used.

If your site is approved, you can either:

  • host tests for just your own staff and customers
  • host tests for anyone (if you’re in an area where DVSA is looking for alternative premises, they’ll pay you an annual fee, and your site will operate under a DVSA licence)

If you apply to host driving tests for anyone, your site will be used by DVSA examiners to carry out:

  • lorry licence acquisition tests
  • car and trailer tests
  • Driver Certificate of Professional Competence (CPC) part 4 (practical demonstration) tests
  • Rules for the site

Your site must:

have clearly defined access and exit points, so the safety of other people on site can be managed

have a suitable barrier to replicate a loading bay

allow for suitable driving test routes by having access to a variety of traffic hazards and road conditions

  • comply with health and safety legislation
  • have suitable insurance cover
  • have a load securing demonstration trolley if Driver CPC part 4 tests are required for large goods vehicles
  • Off-road manoeuvring area

Your site must have an off-road manoeuvring area that:

  • is at least 66 metres (m) by 11m
  • is line marked following DVSA inspection
  • has a level surface in a reasonable condition
  • is free of other vehicles and personnel (other than the examiner and candidate) while the test is taking place