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IVA Trailer Inspection manual for light and heavy trailers

2 Sep 2022

 From 5 September 2022, some changes will take effect in the inspection manual for light and heavy trailers. This affects O1, O2, O3 and O4 trailers and reflect changes in legislation.

What are the changes?

Changes will be made to the sections on:

•            Retro Reflectors (section 21)

•            Masses and Dimensions (section 48a – including the addition of aerodynamic devices)

The changes can be found in the ‘Version control’ section at the beginning of the manual with further information contained in the ‘Record of revision’ page for each section.

These changes are explained in the ’release notes’ at the beginning of the manual and in the ‘Record of revision’ page for each section.

What does this mean for me and my business?

Advance notice is being given so you can assess what may be required for vehicles you intend to submit for IVA from 5 September 2022.

There are published changes on GOV.UK for you to read, so you can familiarise yourself with it before 5 September 2022.

Further information: