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MSN 1794 (M) Amendment 1: Counting and registration of persons on board passenger ships

4 Feb 2021

Merchant Shipping Notice (MSN) giving statutory guidance relating to the merchant shipping (counting and registration of persons on board passenger ships) (amendment) regulations 2021.

Notice to all:

  • shipowners
  • ship operators
  • masters and crew of passenger ships.

The purpose of this notice is to update MSN 1794 in regards the changes to the procedures for collecting and reporting details of persons onboard passenger ships.

The two main changes that will become mandatory from 20 December 2023 are that:

  • for passenger ships to which the 2021 regulations apply, passenger numbers shall be reported electronically, either in the National Single Window (the NSW), or via the ship’s Automatic Identification System (AIS); and
  • for voyages of over 20 nautical miles, seagoing passenger ships will be required to report additional passenger details in the NSW.

Ship owners will also need to ensure that personal data which is collected and reported in accordance with the 2021 regulations complies with the Data Protection Act 2018.


This notice amends MSN 1794, and should be read with: The merchant shipping (counting and registration of persons on board passenger ships) (amendment) regulations 2021.


Further information: