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Not just the UK - IRU - No end in sight to pandemic-induced passenger transport crisis

16 Oct 2020

IRU’s first COVID-19 Impact Report demonstrated just how bad the pandemic has been for passenger transport companies. The report estimates revenue losses of 57% for European firms alone in 2020. Bus and coach services for tourists are suffering the most, with losses in that segment in Europe expected to reach 82% this year.


Governments need to act to save the sector, as increased use of collective passenger transport is essential to reaching European Green Deal targets and driving post-pandemic economic recovery.


Travelling by bus rather than private car is a simple and easy way to reduce emissions. And, with a pre-pandemic driver shortage of 19%, the sector will be a significant source of employment if brought back to full strength. This is all the more important given that the rate of youth unemployment is 16% in the EU and is set to increase as “Generation Corona” struggle to find work.


IRU has recent updates from its members on how their companies and governments have been dealing with the ongoing crisis.


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