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Proper use of Advisories at MOT

6 Apr 2023

DVSA’s latest blog provides an update of the world around the MOT in a move to keep the industry better informed.  The most recent update is that of correct use of advisories, which DVSA say must be meaningful and relevant.

A reminder to testers against the use free text where there is a range of standard wording available for advisories listed against components. The importance of ensuring comments and details are factual and relevant as well as the little value in stating things like standard fitments preventing a full inspection.  

It appears there has been some misuse of the manual advisory system which may lead to the being withdrawn.  DVSA advise that the list of words that cannot be used is being expanded and that testers using words inappropriately will receive an visit to the testing station to check all expected standards are met within their operation with sanctions for both tester and employer if there are found to be shortcomings.