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PSVAR - Confederation of Passenger Transport WANT YOUR FEEDBACK!

26 Nov 2019

CPT is seeking further evidence from members about the home to school services they operate that will not be eligible for the special limited exemptions that may be granted by the Department for Transport.

Any information you can provide to us will help our officers make a strong case to the Department to extend the exemption.

Please ask non CPT members to submit their feedback also.



CPT updated members on Thursday about the special limited exemptions that will be granted by the Department for Transport for individual non-compliant vehicles operated on specific services, for an initial period of two years. The exemptions will be offered to services where 20% or less of the available seats are subject to a separate fare.

CPT is aware that there are many home to school services that may not be eligible for a special authorisation because a separate fare is paid by (or for) more than 20% of the capacity of the vehicle. This will be the case with many services, especially those contracted by private and independant schools.

CPT intends to continue dialogue with the Department for Transport, and in order to make the case for a change to the exemption criteria we will need to present compelling and extensive evidence of the problem.

If this affects you, we urge you to complete THIS FORM and send it to and we will use the information gathered in our further discussions with DfT on the matter. Please note that any information you provide will be anonomised before it is seen by DfT.

If you know of any non-CPT members in your area who are facing the same issues, we would encourage you to ask them to contribute information, as the more evidence we can present the better case we can make.