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PSVAR review call for evidence response set for further delay

17 Apr 2024

A government response to the PSVAR review call for evidence and publication of the next steps in that wider exercise look to have been delayed further, with early autumn of this year now given as an indicative timeframe for release of that information.

Such a horizon was given by Under-Secretary of State for Transport Guy Opperman when asked by routeone on 9 April. The Department for Transport (DfT) adds that a specific date cannot be given for publication of the CfE response as it is still subject to change.

Release of thPSVAR review call for evidence response gains further delaye response was originally due by the end of 2023, although that was later revised to spring 2024. The closing date for submissions to the CfE was 4 September 2023.

The CfE will influence potential evolution of PSVAR via the overarching review process. A government response to the evidence call thus will not bring a definitive list of any changes to how the Regulations are applied, although DfT previously said that it is an opportunity to draw together submissions and identify where alteration might be needed.

DfT adds that evidence is being considered from “a range of sources, including the [CfE], and [we] will announce our response later in the year.”

Further delay to progression of the PSVAR review will be disappointing, although at the time of the first postponement of publication of the CfE response it was suggested by multiple sources that the volume and depth of submissions could have been significantly greater than expected.

However, others believe that the rate of uptake of PSVAR in the coach sector has slowed since the announcement of the wider review work, with some operators seeking to wait and see if requirements around vehicle equipment change.

One trade body highlighted that the medium-term PSVAR exemption mechanism ends on 31 July 2026, and that as more time is taken by the review process, less will be in hand for operators that need to make alterations to fleets or vehicles ahead of that date.

Source: Route one