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Ready for carers leave??

16 Apr 2024

What is the Carers Leave Act 2023? 

Started on April 6, 2024, employees will have the right to take a week of unpaid leave for caregiving responsibilities. This entitlement begins from their first day of employment and can be used to provide or arrange care for a dependent with long-term care needs. These include dependents with illnesses or injuries requiring care for over three months, those with disabilities, or elderly dependents. 

The dependant does not have to be a family member. It can be anyone who relies on them for care.

Employees are entitled to carer’s leave from their first day of work for their employer. Their employment rights (like holidays and returning to their job) are protected during carer’s leave.

Under this Act, employees are entitled to one week of unpaid leave every 12 months. A 'week' refers to the amount of time typically worked over seven days. This leave can be taken as full days, half days spread throughout the year, or all at once. If the request is for half a day or a day, the notice period must be at least 3 days. If the request is for more than one day, the notice period must be at least twice as long as the requested leave. 

What should employers consider ahead of these changes?  

  • Creating awareness through manager training: This is crucial to ensure that managers understand the new regulations and the process involved in taking the leave.  
  • Drafting a policy: Having a clear policy in place ensures that both employees and managers are aware of the right and the processes that will need to be followed. 
  • Implementing a system for record-keeping: Keeping track of employees’ usage of this leave is important for compliance and management purposes.  
  • Consider payment for time off: An important decision for employers to consider is whether this leave will be paid or unpaid.  

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