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16th May 2024

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14th May 2024

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13th May 2024

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10th May 2024

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9th May 2024

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Regulations to increase the weight limits for certain zero emission or alternatively fuelled vehicles

13 Feb 2023

Statutory instrument amends the Road Vehicles (Authorised Weights) Regulations 1998 and aims to aid the adoption of alternatively fuelled and zero emission vehicles.

It will help to improve the commercial appeal of these lower emission vehicles by increasing the payload they can carry, helping to offset their heavier powertrain compared to conventionally-fuelled equivalents.

The draft statutory instrument is published in accordance with the procedure required by schedule 8 of the European Union (Withdrawal) Act 2018 and agreed with Parliament.

A draft explanatory memorandum of the statutory instrument and an unnumbered command paper are published alongside the statutory instrument. A de minimis assessment has been drafted and will be available when a draft of the statutory instrument is laid.

written ministerial statement has been made about this legislation, published in January 2023.

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