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Renewable Transport Fuel Obligation Annual Report 2019

10 May 2021

The RTFO is one of the Government's main policies for reducing greenhouse gas

(GHG) emissions from road transport in the UK. It requires that a certain percentage

of road transport fuel supplied is renewable and that it meets the minimum GHG

sustainability criteria.


The total value of the RTFO for 2019 is £998.7 million. This is calculated as the

difference between the cost of renewable fuels supplied and the fossil fuels they

have replaced.


The forecast total value of the RTFO for 2020 is £1,712.3 million. The RTFO outturn

for 2021 is forecast at £1,745.7 million. This increase is in part due to an increase in

the RTFO obligation.


The RTFO is meeting its objective of reducing GHG emissions from road transport.

All the renewable fuels rewarded under the RTFO meet the mandatory sustainability

criteria. The RTFO is designed and managed to ensure a high level of compliance

with its requirements.


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