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Report an accident involving a public service vehicle (PSV) - PSV112 Revised

6 Nov 2019

PSV 112 is used to report accidents and incidents of a serious nature.  Operators must also report incidents were safety critical components have failed or where there is a history of non-critical components failing repeatedly when liaising with the manufacturer is advisable also.

In addition to sending the completed PSV112 form there is a facility to report safety critical component failures or repeating defects to the Vehicle Safety Recalls Branch, but the PSV112 must still be completed and submitted.

Reports may be used as part of the safety recall process

A report must be submitted for any incident involving a public service vehicle (PSV) if there are fatalities, serious injuries or serious damage.

By law, you must report:

  • fatalities
  • serious injuries (such as broken bones, damage to major organs or overnight hospitalisation)
  • allegations of a safety defect
  • serious damage as a result of the incident (such as major body or mechanical component damage, which needs specialist recovery and the vehicle being taken out of service to be repaired)
  • a safety critical component failure or history of the same component failing
  • a vehicle catching fire

You must also send a report if the police tell you to.

Download the revised PSV112:

Vehicle Safety Recalls Branch