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Safe and responsible anchoring and fishing guidance issued

8 Dec 2021

Guidance has been issued in addition to the United Kingdom Hydrographic Office publication, The Mariner’s Handbook, has detailed guidance provided under the topic “Submarine Pipelines and Cables” in order to address the problems identified following a recent incident investigated by the Marine Accident Investigation Branch (MAIB) and submarine cable industry concerns. 

In view of the serious consequences resulting from damage to submarine cables, vessel operators should take special care when anchoring, fishing, dredging or engaging in underwater operations near areas where these cables may exist or have been reported to exist. In order to minimize the risk of such damage as much as possible, vessels should avoid any such activity near either side of submarine cables.

The guidance applies to all masters; ship operators & managers; skippers of fishing vessels and small commercially operated vessels and yachts; and pleasure vessels.

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