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The dangers of ignoring the regulator

26 Oct 2021

In a public inquiry at the end of last month, Calder’s Concrete Products had their licence revoked. In addition to not proving they had sufficient funds for their vehicles, the company tried to avoid engaging with the traffic commissioner at every available opportunity.

On differing occasions, the company director pretended correspondence had not arrived, that it had been signed for by someone else and that he had replied on one occasion but it had somehow not been received by the commissioner.

After the use of special delivery to confirm the public inquiry call-up, Mr Calder appeared at the inquiry without any of the requested documentation as he had been ‘too busy’ to read the letter.

The traffic commissioner for the West Midlands, Nick Denton said “Because of the company’s complete failure to treat the regulatory system seriously and because there is no evidence at all that its vehicle is in a roadworthy condition or that it has complied with the laws relating to drivers’ hours and tachographs, I am revoking the company’s licence with almost immediate effect, from 0001 hours on 1 October 2021.

“I have requested DVSA and the Police to employ their ANPR and on-road resources to identify and stop Calder’s Concrete Products Ltd’s vehicle if it operates on or after 1 October 2021. If it is found so operating, it risks being impounded by DVSA.”

Further details can be found here.