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THINK! New Campaign targets Rural Roads  

9 Mar 2023

Rural roads targeted in new safety campaign to prevent deaths and injuries among young drivers

THINK! campaign urges drivers to think about the dangers of driving too fast for road conditions.

The new THINK! campaign, “Is pushing it worth it?” is targeted at young male drivers, as statistics show male drivers aged 17 to 24 are 4 times more likely to be killed or seriously injured than drivers aged 25 or over. Research findings also show that 60% of all serious and fatal collisions involving young male car drivers were on rural roads.

Drivers are being urged by road safety experts to think about the dangers of driving too fast for road conditions in a new THINK! campaign that launches today (6 March 2023).

Safety experts raise further concerns as less than half (43%) of young men consider exceeding the speed limit to be unacceptable, while over two thirds (68%) see drink driving as unacceptable and over half (52%) think using a mobile without handsfree is unacceptable.

Alongside the campaign, the government continues to consider how to enhance road safety, with a particular focus on rural roads. As part of the Safer Roads Fund, the government, together with local authorities and safety groups, is continuing to deliver a wide range of improvements across rural roads.

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