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Ticketer's innovation helps government with data and operators with solutions through COVID-19

2 Jun 2020

The team at Ticketer have been working hard to deliver a range of radical solutions, to help the government, local authorities and operators to meet the bus and coach industry’s rapidly changing needs.


Despite lockdown, the company has been doing "everything within its power" to continually innovate and prioritise developments - and deliver new functionality, free of charge.

John Clarfelt, CEO says: “This is a critical time for our industry and as a business we’ve had to remain agile and adapt to a new world. Fresh thinking, utter commitment, and complete flexibility to meet ever changing requirements have been key.”


Ticketer has been working very closely with the Government, and in particular the DfT, to help inform the Downing Street briefings on national public transport usage on an hourly and daily basis.

Meera Nayyar, Head of Passenger Experience, Buses and Taxis, Department for Transport acknowledges: “It’s an absolute pleasure to collaborate with the Ticketer Team who are always very responsive.


"We’ve been delighted with how Ticketer has anonymised and aggregated data to share with the DfT for the public good.”


Operators have also directly benefited from this Government partnership through Ticketer being in a prime position to help speed up the submission and payment of Government grants by collaboratively developing the necessary data reporting for the Covid-19 Bus Services Support Grant (CBSSG) for its Operators.


The Ticketer way is to work closely with Operators to understand what’s front of mind for them, and in doing so, have prioritised support and development of key initiatives to provide additional, key functionality, free of charge during this period.


The have been several developments introduced, for further information visit: