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Traffic Commissioners applaud road transport industry

12 May 2020

This weekend marked the 75th anniversary of victory in Europe at the end of World War 2. As a nation, we have spent the weekend celebrating those who defended the nation during that time.

Similarly, in recent weeks, we have celebrated the lifesaving, vital work that frontline NHS staff have done to combat the coronavirus. The Traffic Commissioners for Great Britain also want to recognise the efforts of key workers within the road haulage and passenger transport industries who have contributed to the national effort in fighting the coronavirus outbreak.


In particular, we recognise the often-unheralded role that commercial vehicle operators and drivers play. They are the lifeblood of this country, vital to our economy and the citizens who rely on them. Hauliers transport the food we buy in supermarkets, medicines for shops, pharmacies and hospitals, and medical supplies for use both in the home and in a clinical setting. PSV operators have continued to transport staff to vital work within the NHS, research facilities and elsewhere, while following social distancing requirements.


It is in large part thanks to the efforts of operators and drivers that we can continue to function as a country. We appreciate that these are difficult times for many operators. The future can look uncertain but we can help you to mitigate against some of the regulatory challenges.


Please read our advice and guidance for operating during the coronavirus pandemic for details of the measures we’ve put in place to help the road transport industry. You may also want to take a look at the coronavirus statutory guidance and directions document we published.


We are here to help - please do not hesitate to contact us.


Please email if you have any questions.


Thank you for everything you are doing.