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11 Nov 2019

Regulator says there was no continuous and effective management of transport operations


As independent specialist regulators, Traffic Commissioners work to keep the commercial vehicle industry safe. As such, their role is essential in reducing danger on our roads.


Adequate roller brake testing is a vital part of keeping vehicles fit and serviceable, and the importance of having regular tests should never be underestimated.


Mr Rooney, Traffic Commissioner for the West of England, used his regulatory powers recently to remove a transport manager from the industry after an investigation uncovered inexcusable shortcomings.


The transport manager had no knowledge that a dangerous vehicle was being used to carry children on a school run, and his response to this in public inquiry was simply that he “wouldn’t carry the can” for it.


The vehicle had corrosion and a defective braking system, and was clearly identified as dangerous prior to being used. Shockingly, the transport manager wasn’t even aware who was covering the school run and in what vehicle, or if the vehicle being used was even fit for purpose.


The transport manager was disqualified by Kevin Rooney, who added that the statement he made was “ the clearest of indications” that he is unfit to hold his position.