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Volvo Trucks ready to electrify a large part of goods transport

3 May 2021

With the sales start this year of three new heavy-duty all-electric models, Volvo Trucks believes the time is right for a rapid upswing in electrification of heavy road transport.


Large national and international transport buyers are showing strong interest in electric vehicles. This is being driven by their own ambitious climate goals, as well as consumers demand for decarbonisation and cleaner transports.


Adding three more heavy duty trucks to the electric line-up

With the sales start of the new electric Volvo FH and Volvo FM models, electrified transport is now possible not only for urban areas but also for regional traffic between cities.

Production of the new electric models for Europe will start in the second half of 2022. With the sales start of the new truck models, Volvo Trucks now has a line-up of six medium and heavy duty electric trucks, which makes it the most complete commercial electric truck range in the industry.


Can cover nearly half of EU transport needs

With the addition of the new products with higher load capacities, more powerful drivelines and range of up to 300 km, Volvo Trucks’ electric portfolio could cover around 45% of all goods transported in Europe today.


Broad offering of electric solutions

In addition to the electric vehicles, Volvo Trucks’ electrification program includes a complete eco-system with numerous service, maintenance and financing solutions, as well as other options that can help facilitate an easier and faster transition to electrified transport.


Hydrogen fuel cell electric trucks coming next

Looking further ahead, even long-distance heavy transport will be able to be done with electric vehicles. To meet the challenging demands for both high load capacity and a much longer range, Volvo Trucks plans to use hydrogen fuel cells to generate the electricity. 


Volvo Trucks’ electric vehicle offering for Europe

•    Volvo FH Electric, for regional and intercity transport.
•    Volvo FM Electric, a versatile truck for heavy local transports and regional distribution.
•    Volvo FMX Electric, for cleaner and quieter construction transport.
•    Volvo FE Electric, for local and city distribution, waste transport.
•    Volvo FL Electric, for local and city distribution.


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