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Passenger Railway Services (Public Ownership) Bill

19th Jul 2024

New Traffic Commissioner for Northwest - David Mullan

12th Jul 2024

New transport ministers must act quickly on coach and bus tasks

10th Jul 2024

Police target hazardous goods movements

10th Jul 2024

Regulatory decisions about truck, bus and coach operator licences and safety standards

5th Jul 2024

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New Highway Code changes from 29 January 2022

26 Jan 2022

The Highway Code: 8 changes  to be aware of from 29 January 2022

New rules have been introduced to The Highway Code following the public consultation in 2020 when 20,000 responses were received from the public, businesses and other organisations. 

The new rules introduce a hierarchy of road users with those most vulnerable like pedestrians at the top, and those likely to cause the most impact at the bottom, large vehicles HGVs and PSVs.

The changes to The Highway Code that come onto effect from Saturday 29th January 2022, also include rules covering horse riders and cyclists.  The changes do not remove the need for everyone to behave responsibly and considerately to other road users and to understand their responsibility for the safety for others.

It’s important that all road users:

  • are aware of The Highway Code
  • are considerate to other road users
  • understand their responsibility for the safety of others

Read the changes here: