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DVSA Update on HGV and bus driving tests

17 Nov 2021


DVSA wrote recently about the Driver CPC part 3 test being split into 2 separate parts, and now have an update on.

Learner drivers will take:

•            a single Driver CPC part 3 test (driving ability) test if candidates have an appointment booked     up to and including 28 November 2021 (unless they’ve already passed the off-road exercises      test with their training school)

•            2 separate tests – Driver CPC part 3a (off-road exercises) and part 3b (on-road driving) if    candidates have an appointment from 29 November 2021

The prices for the tests:

•            Driver CPC part 3a test: off-road exercises - up to £40 for tests taken with an approved               training organisation (this does not include the cost of any training or vehicle hire), or £40    for tests taken with DVSA

•            Driver CPC part 3b test: on-road driving - £115 for tests taken on weekdays, or £141 for tests        at the weekend or on a bank holiday

The fees that have been set

As a government agency, DVSA point out that they have to recover the costs of the services they provide through the fees we charge.

The current test fee does not cover all of their costs. So they're keeping the part 3b test fee the same as the current part 3 test fee. This will help cover the extra costs of approving and auditing trainers who provide part 3a tests.

Because people taking the part 3b test will have already passed the part 3a test, they will be in a better position to pass first time and avoid the potential cost of a retake.

Also, people who now take a test towing a trailer with a large vehicle no longer need to have passed a test in a rigid vehicle first. This saves them £115 by not having to take 2 tests.

DVSA say they will keep the current fees under review.

More information about the changes

DVSA has sent more detailed information to everyone who has a test booked to tell them how they are affected.